Points in Focus Photography

Lightroom: Develop Setting Sortcuts from Library

For: Lightroom 4+ Here are a couple of handy shortcuts for altering an image’s develop settings from the Library Module (as well as the Develop Module). Shortcut Keystroke (Win) Keystroke (Mac) Reset Image Ctrl + Shift + R Cmd + Shift + R Convert to Black and White V V Match Tonal Exposures Ctrl + […]

Lightroom 4.1 Exporting with Watermarks makes White, Gray?

I’ve been really scratching my head over this one, for the past couple of weeks (it seems, it could have been longer), I’ve been seeing my images on pure white backgrounds come out with very light gray backgrounds. I had thought it was an issue with ImageMagick, the software that re-samples things I post here. […]

Getting 5D Mark 3 Images into Lightroom 4

The 5D mark 3 will be the first time I’ve ever pre-ordered a camera, and along with that I’m finding a number of somewhat amusing and frustrating teething issues that come with the territory. Among the nagging issues is the lack of a simultaneously released battery grip (supposedly won’t be available until the end of […]

First Impressions with Lightroom 4 and Process 2012

Among the ton of new features, the big one, for me at least, is Process 2012, in the develop module. However, with new toys come new teething problems, and I’ve found no shortage of them in the new process version. First the good, the new process version, even when using a medium contrast tone curve, […]

Lightroom 3.6 Publish Service file name bug?

I did a cursory Google for this, but otherwise haven’t fully investigated it. Instead I’m posting this half to remind to me to look into this deeper when I get a chance. In any event, here’s what I’m seeing… In Lightroom 3.6 I have a Hard drive Publish Service setup to push out images to […]

Going at it blind: Printing, Rendering Intents, and Lightroom

Don’t use perceptual rendering intent when printing. Well maybe. The truth is, I’m new to this whole printing thing, and that means this is all an uphill battle for me. Yes, I’ve done a lot of reading on it, and watched Michael Reichman’s series From Camera to Print, but in the end there’s no substitute […]

Focus Stacking in Photoshop and Lightroom

Photoshop since CS4 has had focus stacking built in? Who knew? Apparently, not me, that’s for sure. That’s not to say that I didn’t know about focus stacking. I’ve played with the product Helicon Focus, and while I didn’t ultimately find it worth the money based on my needs, it does have some nifty features. […]

Lightroom 3 – In Brief Review

I’ve written to some end about Lightroom 3 as I followed it’s progress though the public beta program. It’s now about a month after it’s release, and I’ve had enough time to come to some thoughts on the first release of Lightroom 3.

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