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Adding a Graphic Watermark in Lightroom

Lightroom 4 has two kinds of watermarks, graphical and text. While text watermarks can do the job, they are simplistic and lack the polish and control a graphical watermark offers—even if the graphic is only text. Creation of a graphic watermark and a preset to easily use it, is simple enough, though there are a […]

Lightroom 3.6 Publish Service file name bug?

I did a cursory Google for this, but otherwise haven’t fully investigated it. Instead I’m posting this half to remind to me to look into this deeper when I get a chance. In any event, here’s what I’m seeing… In Lightroom 3.6 I have a Hard drive Publish Service setup to push out images to […]

Lightroom 3 – In Brief Review

I’ve written to some end about Lightroom 3 as I followed it’s progress though the public beta program. It’s now about a month after it’s release, and I’ve had enough time to come to some thoughts on the first release of Lightroom 3.

Removing Lightroom 3 Beta Autoplay Handlers from Windows 7

When I installed Lightroom 3 over my installation of Lightroom 3 Beta, I ended up with a couple of extraneous entries in my the Autoplay list in Windows 7. I don’t know why they weren’t removed considering the rest of the beta was removed, but that’s just how Method 1 A quick Google search for […]

Lightroom 3 Beta 2 – Preview

Last October Adobe released the first public beta of Photoshop Lightroom 3. At that time the beta was very rough around the edges, rough enough that I wouldn’t even use it. Adobe has since released a new beta, find out what’s changed and more inside.

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