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Adobe Nav for the iPad Review

Adobe’s attempt to turn your iPad into an input device for Photoshop. An interesting idea, but one that’s hampered by the iPad’s lack of tactile feedback.

Flash, Photography, and Copyright Infringement

I’m not sure what the attraction to Adobe’s Flash is with photography sites. It’s not the most useable, accessible or even necessarily the best technology. Flash can easily hamper usability, and become a security and privacy nightmare for users, isn’t indexed by search engines, and on top of all of that simply isn’t supported or […]

Lightroom 3 – In Brief Review

I’ve written to some end about Lightroom 3 as I followed it’s progress though the public beta program. It’s now about a month after it’s release, and I’ve had enough time to come to some thoughts on the first release of Lightroom 3.

Removing Lightroom 3 Beta Autoplay Handlers from Windows 7

When I installed Lightroom 3 over my installation of Lightroom 3 Beta, I ended up with a couple of extraneous entries in my the Autoplay list in Windows 7. I don’t know why they weren’t removed considering the rest of the beta was removed, but that’s just how Method 1 A quick Google search for […]

Lightroom 3 Beta 2 – Preview

Last October Adobe released the first public beta of Photoshop Lightroom 3. At that time the beta was very rough around the edges, rough enough that I wouldn’t even use it. Adobe has since released a new beta, find out what’s changed and more inside.

My Lightroom 3 Wishlist

Today for me has been spent mostly writing code, not my favorite pastime, and tomorrow looks like more of the same. I did, however make it a point to fire up Lightroom to play a bit more with DFine2, a rather nifty looking noise reduction “plug-in” for LR. As clean as my mark 3‘s image […]

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