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Terms of Use / Terms of Service

  1. Copyrights and Reproduction
  2. User Generated Content
  3. Cookies and Privacy

Unless otherwise noted, the contents on this site, including the text and images, are protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States and other countries. Permission to use the text and images must be sought in advance before publishing these images.

Affiliate Program Disclosures

V. Jason Franke is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Linking and Abstracts

Hyperlinks are what make the Web work, without them, any site is pretty close to useless.

Please do link to articles on this site.

When linking sometimes it’s necessary or desirable to include a short synopsis, abstract, or summary of the page to which you’re linking. While I would personally prefer you created your own summary, I recognize that’s not always possible or desirable. As such, I consider it fair use to reproduce a small portion of the text of an article, not more than TWO (2) PARAGRAPHS of the page’s text for these purposes.

Content Reproduction

Wholesale reproduction of the content on this site is strictly prohibited.

While you might consider this some form of flattery, it really just hurts my ability to make a living and put food on the table. I take this kind of thing seriously.

Please save us both the time, effort, and money and don’t copy my content wholesale.

Fair Use

U.S. Copyright law includes the concept of fair use. Fair use provides certain exceptions for when copyrighted content can be reproduced without seeing a license. These cases include, “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research.” Fair use rights are not automatic and are subject to further restrictions. (See 17 USC S 107 for the full text of the law).

I support the concept of reasonable fair use.

In all cases images and/or other content must be properly attributed.

Licensing Content

If your potential use of my content and/or images is not protected by fair use, I am willing to negotiate non-exclusive revocable licenses. The exact terms and potential costs will vary on a case by case basis.

If you’re interested in licensing content please visit our licensing page.

Comments / User Generated Content

Many articles on this site have a comment section. The ability to network and discuss topics with other people is a large part of what makes the internet a useful tool.

Comments are intellectual property of the person making the comment. By posting you agree to allow me to store, publish, and display the comment for the duration that it remains on this site.

Comments are moderated. At a minimum profane, harassing, and/or off topic material will not be published. Because that part of the moderation process is manual, comments may not appear immediately, though I do try to be timely about it.

Spam will not be posted, and will be removed when it is discovered.

All comments are scanned using a number of automated techniques to determine whether they are spam or not. The volume of spam generally is quite significant, compared to the actual number of comments. I generally see a very low percentage of improperly flagged comments as spam, but it does happen. If your comment doesn’t appear at all, may have been eaten by the spam filters.

Comments and/or other user generated content may not infringe on other’s copyrights. Comments that are found to do so, will be removed.

I reserve the right to remove or refuse to publish any user generated comment or content at any time for any reason.


I take online privacy seriously. When posting a comment you required to provide some information that some people and countries consider personally identifiable information. Specifically you must fill in the name, and email address fields. What is done, and the requirements for those fields is described below.

Name – You may use a pseudonym or other online nickname if you prefer not to reveal your real name. I don’t generally care who you claim to be so long as it’s not inflammatory and your contribution to the discussion is valuable. The name or pseudonym you provide will be displayed associated with your comment.

Email Address – I hate spam emails, and I’m sure you do as well. The comment system collects your email address when posting. We do not display your email address in the clear or obfuscated form on the site, nor will we sell them to advertisers, spammers, or other parties unless required by law.

IP Address – Contrary to what some people would like people to believe, IP addresses don’t identify a person, only a computer or network. The IP address associated with your computer, or network, when you post a comment is stored with that comment as part of the default behavior of WordPress. This information is not made public, or distributed by us.

Web Address – When posting you may optionally enter a web site for limited self promotion. These addresses are tagged rel=”nofollow” and will not contribute to your search engine rankings. These addresses may be validated, and potentially removed at my discretion.

Other Information – Please be cognizant of the fact that you can disclose personally identifiable information in your post. If we do notice something obvious while moderating posts, such as user names, passwords, addresses or similar information we will likely delete the post in it’s entirety instead of making such information available or trying to redact just the personal information.


In 2011, the European Union passed legislation requiring websites to notify users that they use cookies and how those cookies are used. I have endeavored here to disclose what cookies are created and used on this site.

The short of it is simple, this site, the 3rd parties who’s content is embedded in it, and the advertisers that display ads on this site use cookies, and potentially use them to track you the user. Unfortunately, this is just the reality of the modern internet.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance that cookies will be set on your browser—if you let them.

Our Cookies

Cookies are created from this domain and are may be used for a number of purposes including:

  • The comment anti-spam systems may use cookies. These are session cookies and will be deleted by your browser when you exit it.
  • When you post a comment, WordPress creates a persistent cookie that associates the name, email address, and web address you provide with your browser. This cookie is used to fill out those fields in the comment submission form for you.
  • To store some preferences and settings.

Third Party Cookies

3rd parties currently setting cookies are:

Site / ServiceDescription / UseService’s Privacy Policy / More information
Google AnalyticsPersistent cookies are used as part of the Analytics tracking process. These cookies are used to distinguish between users and sessions, which enables me to separate new from returning users.Analytics Privacy Policy
Google AdSense / Double ClickAdvertising delivered on this site uses Google’s AdSense service, which in turn sets tracking cookie to target ads.AdSense Privacy Policy
YouTubeSome articles include embedded YouTube videos.YouTube Video Embeds
VimeoSome articles include embeded Vimeo videos.Vimeo Cookie Policy

Dealing With 3rd Party Cookies

I don’t provide any mechanism to deal with cookies directly as there are tools already in your browser for this. Specifically all major browsers allow you to disable all cookies, or 3rd party cookies. You can find instructions to disable cookies or just 3rd party cookies at the following links:

Apple SafariGoogle ChromeMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox

Moreover, some browsers, like Chrome, allow you to disable or set specific policies for specific cookies and sites.

Changes to this Policy

This policy is subject to change if and when I determine it’s necessary, and without notice. It’s my sincere hope that I won’t need to turn to a significant amount of legal gibberish to insure that I’m not litigated into oblivion.