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A Look at the new Lightroom Import Screen: (CC 2015.2 / 6.2)

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom has been around for almost a decade, and in that time, Adobe hasn’t really changed the interface in any meaningful way, that is, at least, until now. With the September 2015 update for Lightroom CC, or Lightroom 6.2 for those non-Creative Cloud subscribers, Adobe has finally taken to changing Lightroom’s import screen. […]

Lightroom from the Field to the Desktop

Back in May I went on an Alaska cruise, and being a photographer I obviously took the opportunity to shoot as much as I possible could. I also took my laptop, with Lightroom 6 on it, so I could work on my images as I went instead of being overwhelmed by a ton of pictures […]

Lightroom 6.1 Dehaze Presets

I just saw this, but there’s been plenty of discussion around the new “features” that Adobe has added in Lightroom CC 2015.1 or whatever they’re calling the CC release that corresponded with Lightroom 6.1. Adobe has made some weasily comments about how they’d be in violation of various laws—which they almost certainly wouldn’t—if they added […]

Frustrations with Syncing Lightroom between Computers

Please excuse me while I rant for a moment. For almost the entire time I’ve been a photographer I haven’t owned a laptop worth talking about. I have a very distinct memory of sitting in Louis Armstrong Airport outside of New Orleans trying to do some basic editing on some images I had shot while […]

Editing with the Lightroom Import Dialog

If there’s one thing that digital photography has changed, for better or worse, it’s our ability to shoot and to manage much larger numbers of images. Fortunately, the photographic software industry has responded to that need and turned out programs like Lightroom and Aperture that act half as a Digital Image management programs and half […]

Lightroom 5 Review

A brief look and thoughts on Adobe’s Lightroom 5.

Keywording In Lightroom

Though this post is specifically about Lightroom, at least in so far as the details on how to do something are Lightroom specific, much, if not all, of the overall thought process and intent can be applied to any similar software. Before going any farther, I want to spend a moment talking about the point […]

How I manage Lightroom’s Catalog Backups

I don’t usually do the whole computer tips thing, maybe I should do some more of it. The impetus for this post was a friend of mine who had close to 100GB of Lightroom catalog backups—and that was less than a year of weekly backups—sitting on his computer taking up precious space on yet another […]

Adding a Graphic Watermark in Lightroom

Lightroom 4 has two kinds of watermarks, graphical and text. While text watermarks can do the job, they are simplistic and lack the polish and control a graphical watermark offers—even if the graphic is only text. Creation of a graphic watermark and a preset to easily use it, is simple enough, though there are a […]

Lightroom: Graphic Watermark Checklist

For: Lightroom 3+ Create your watermark image in Photoshop or another graphic editor Make sure it’s big enough that it won’t need to be scaled up Make sure the background is transparent Simplify any color schemes Make sure your text has a contrasting border Save your watermark image as a 24-bit PNG (PNG-24) with transparency […]

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