Points in Focus Photography

11″ iPad Pro (2018) A Photographer's Perspective Review

The 11″ iPad Pro promises laptop class performance in a tablet’s package. However, while the hardware should be more than capable, the rest of the environment isn’t ready quite yet for this serious photographer’s workload.

Codecs and Bitrates: Comparing MJPEG to H.264 Round 1

Both the 5D mark IV and 1DX Mark II use Motion JPEG (MJEPG) compression for their 4K video streams. The conventional wisdom, all be it paraphrased, has been that this super high bitrate was chosen since it was necessary to make the less efficient MJPEG codec produce a usable quality file. At first blush, this […]

Mimicking Neutral Density with Stacking

A look at how to mimic the results of using a traditional optical neutral density filter on a digital camera with repeated captures and mean stacking in post production.

Breakthough Photography X4 Circular Polarizer Review

Breakthrough Photography’s highest end entry in to the circular polarizer market, it delivers on the promised neutral color and minimal darkening, and does with a design that’s easy to feel and use even with gloves on.

Canon EOS M3 Review

The EOS M3 is Canon’s 3rd iteration of their mirrorless camera line. It makes significant strides in performance and usability compared to it predecessors and all told it’s a compact camera that’s comfortable in the hands of this serious photographer.

Problems with More Pixels

When the megapixel wars were in full swing, it wasn’t uncommon to find photographers poo-pooing the race to add more pixels. While there certainly is some truth to that point of view, it’s not entirely representative of the pixels situation. The counter point to the fewer better pixels argument is that more pixels really do […]

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