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Lightroom: My Metadata Field List

I never found the the built in options in Lightroom’s metadata pallet to suit my needs. They either were too short and didn’t have the stuff I wanted, or too long and I had to scroll a lot. Fortunately, Adobe lets you create custom metadata field lists so you can have it your way.

This is what I use, in fact I almost never change away from it. It’s designed such that on my 1920×1600 screen I can see at a glance all the information I want about file size, exposure, lens, camera settings, as well as be able to edit the title, headline, and caption fields without having to scroll and while the Histogram and Keywording panels are expanded.

Extract CombinedImage.zip and copy the file CombinedImage.lrtemplate to %appdata%\Adobe\Lightroom\Metadata Filed Lists/ on Windows or ~/Library/Adobe/Lightroom/Metadata Field Lists/ on Mac OS.

If the Metadata Field Lists folder doesn’t exist, as is the case with newer Lightroom installs (starting with version 3 or 4) then you’ll need to create it.

The file and instructions are provided as is and without warranty or support. Feel free to modify and redistribute the provided lrtemplate file.

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