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Licensing Content

Unless otherwise noted, the contents on this site, including the text and images, are protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States and other countries. Permission to use the text and images must be sought in advance before publishing these images.

Licensing Content

So far as my content and images go, I’m open to discussing terms for non-exclusive revocable licenses to use my images, test data, or parts of my articles.

I am not big media or big content. I am an individual photographer and writer, and as such I’m most interested in equitable solutions instead of lawyers and lawsuits.

I recognize that some people who might want to use my imagery or content and are not big corporations with million or billion dollar in annual profits. Moreover I recognize that in many cases even a $50 license fee can be the difference between having food or gas for a week or not. As such, please don’t just go and copy my work because you’re afraid that you can’t afford a license. I’m more than willing to try to work with you to come up with a mutually beneficial solution for using my content if one can be worked out.

Please be aware, some images and/or content may not be available for certain uses due to outside restrictions and/or applicable laws.

If you’re interested in discussing the terms for licensing an image or a significant part of an article’s content, please fill out the forum below.


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    Description of Use:
    Please include as much information as possible including but not limited to:

    • Your intended use

    • The medium (i.e. web, print, magazine) that you wish to reproduce the image in.

    • The circulation and/or number of views

    • Desired resolution (i.e print ready, high resolution web display, regular web display).

    • Whether this work is for a commercial/for profit enterprise, or is to be used on a commercial site or service.

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