Points in Focus Photography

Canon 5D Mark 3 Light Leak Preliminary Findings

I undertook a personal search in an attempt to try and find the limits and conditions where one could expect the EOS 5D Mark 3’s light leak to affect their metered exposure. In the process of making these measurements, I’ve tried to account for and control errors as best I can; however, in many cases […]

Intermittent Non-UDMA CF card write failures with the 5D mark 3?

I’ve been seeing an intermittent but reoccurring issue over the past couple of days with my 5D mark 3 and 8GB SandDisk Extreme III 30MB/s flash cards. I will, on occasion, get an ERR 2 that the camera can not write to the card. Removing and re-seating the card will fix the problem for the […]

Getting 5D Mark 3 Images into Lightroom 4

The 5D mark 3 will be the first time I’ve ever pre-ordered a camera, and along with that I’m finding a number of somewhat amusing and frustrating teething issues that come with the territory. Among the nagging issues is the lack of a simultaneously released battery grip (supposedly won’t be available until the end of […]

Fixing Frozen Wacom Tablets in Windows

For about as long as I’ve been using Wacom tablets, I’ve encountered a rather rare phenomena where my tablet (which I also use as my mouse) will crash and burn causing my mouse to freeze. Other than this occurring in both Lightroom (2 and now 3) and Photoshop, and with both the pen and mouse, […]

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