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Ponderings on Canon’s new ImagePROGRAF Pro-1000

Canon recently announced their latest in their line of, well I’m not quite sure what to call them — semi-pro, or maybe non-production pro level photo printers, the ImagePROGRAF Pro–1000. Slotting in a tier above the Pixma Pro–1, and bringing a 17 inch platen to the market segment. At $1300 it’s not a cheap printer, […]

Waterfalls, Lynn Canal, Alaska

Back in May, I went on a cruise in Alaska, this is the 4th part of my ongoing series discussing the photographic opportunities I found. In previous editions, I covered the experience of a float plane excursion to Big Goat lake, hiking on Mendenhall Glacier, hiking the Mount Roberts trails, and riding the White Pass […]

My Thoughts on Windows 10

If you’re even remotely in tune with the comings and goings of Windows, or at least visit a tech site in the last week or so, it’s hard to have missed that Microsoft has released the newest version of Windows—Windows 10. A big part of the appeal of Windows 10 is that Microsoft promises to […]

Some Thoughts on the Canon Pixma Pro 100

My first impressions of Canon’s Pixma Pro 100, its setup and print quality, and how it subjectively stacks up to its predecessor the Pixma Pro 9000 mark II.

An Argument Against Future Proofing RAW Files

I see this question come up with some frequency on various discussion forums. What format should I use to future proof my digital images. The answers of course vary from JPEG, to DNG, to TIFF or PNG. Very rarely do I see someone who responds with don’t do anything, which is exactly what I recommend. […]

Photoshop Smart Object Stacking for Noise Reduction

Stacking images to improve the single to noise ratio is a tried and true technique in astrophotography. The typical noise reduction most photographers are used to uses sophisticated algorithms to attempt to smooth noise out without smoothing out fine details in a single frame. Stacking exploits the randomness of noise and the consistency of actual […]

Canon EOS M – First Impressions Review

Canon’s first foray into mirrorless cameras the EOS M is a bit of a mixed bag. It delivers DSLR image quality with PowerShot style handling (not a good thing). Poor AF performance is probably it’s biggest failing.

Creative Cloud, My Thoughts and a Wimper

Dear Adobe, I don’t think anything I write here will make any difference, I’m mostly writing it for myself so I can hopefully air my frustration and move on. I’ve been a paying customer for as long as I’ve been a photographer and creative. I started with Lightroom some 5 years ago, progressed to Photoshop, […]

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