Points in Focus Photography

My Thoughts on the Canon 5D mark IV: Podcast Ep. 8

Canon has announced the new EOS 5D mark IV, and as I have in the past, I’m diving into some early thoughts on the camera. I don’t get pre-release hardware so some of the is speculation right now, but I will be getting one of these cameras soon.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo Review

X-Rite’s color check cards are the industry standard. This is a pocket sized version, that can be used to generate custom camera profiles, as well as make creative adjustments to white balances.

Bags and Backpacks: Podcast Ep 3

Episode 3 of my podcast includes a brief thought about some news about the 5D mark 4, and a discussion about camera bags, and what I look for in picking them.

Testing and Acclimating to a new Camera

A new camera is always exciting to get your hands on, at least it is for me. While I will definitely run out side and start shooting some random stuff — because, well, new shiny — before I put the camera into any kind of serious use, I run though an acclimation and calibration process […]

D500, High ISO, and Marketing Revisited

When Nikon announced the D5 and D500 one of my biggest concerns was that marketing had run amuck and started writing ISO checks the engineers simply couldn’t pay out on. Then a friend of mine got a D500 and I got to sit down with him to dial in the noise reduction and sharpening settings […]

Preliminary testing, Diffraction Correction in Digital Photo Pro

In my article about re-evaluating my position on crop cameras, I mentioned that a 20MP crop sensor was diffraction limited pretty much right out of the gate with the f/5.6 lenses that make crop camera setup appealing to me. When I said that, I knew full well that one of the biggest advantages of digital […]

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