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Lightroom 8 Years Later: Core Technology

An overview of the core technologies used in Adobe’s Lightroom software as part of a series looking at Lightroom’s 8 year development history in depth.

Lightroom 8 Years Later – Asset Management and the Library Module

The Library module is easily the core of Lightroom’s asset management functionality, and as a side effect of that very much the core of Lightroom as a whole. In this part of Lightroom 8 Years Later, I’m going to look at the Library module in mode detail. The big picture aspect of the Library module […]

Lightroom 8 Years Later: Modules & Organization of User Interface

Eight years ago, Adobe released Photoshop Lightroom, a unified digital asset manager and non-destructive raw image processor. Since then, Adobe has released 5 major versions of Lightroom, each making small revisions, tweaks, and sometimes adding new functionality. This is part 2 of my series looking at Lightroom in depth, inside and out, and what I […]

Lightroom 8 Years Later: An Introduction

It’s been just almost a decade since Adobe released Lightroom, their digital asset manager (DAM) and non-destructive raw image editor. In that time, Adobe has made a number of improvements in many respects, from improving the raw engine to adding new processing features, to finally adding GPU rendering support. However in many ways Lightroom hasn’t […]

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