Points in Focus Photography

Codecs and Bitrates: Comparing MJPEG to H.264 Round 1

Both the 5D mark IV and 1DX Mark II use Motion JPEG (MJEPG) compression for their 4K video streams. The conventional wisdom, all be it paraphrased, has been that this super high bitrate was chosen since it was necessary to make the less efficient MJPEG codec produce a usable quality file. At first blush, this […]

Testing and Acclimating to a new Camera

A new camera is always exciting to get your hands on, at least it is for me. While I will definitely run out side and start shooting some random stuff — because, well, new shiny — before I put the camera into any kind of serious use, I run though an acclimation and calibration process […]

Preliminary testing, Diffraction Correction in Digital Photo Pro

In my article about re-evaluating my position on crop cameras, I mentioned that a 20MP crop sensor was diffraction limited pretty much right out of the gate with the f/5.6 lenses that make crop camera setup appealing to me. When I said that, I knew full well that one of the biggest advantages of digital […]

LED Panel Project – PWM Control Test 1

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about my LED light project. This article is no different. There’s functionally two aspects of this project that I’m working on simultaneously. One is designing an actual LED Light panel, we the controller for one at least ,and the other is more investigative work on various […]

Performance Aspects of Exporting Video with Premiere Pro CS6

The question has come up a couple of times in my article on enabling CUDA support in Premiere Pro regarding why exports still take so long even with the GPU enabled. The reality is that while Premiere Pro does use the GPU for rendering exports, the process is slightly different and the results can be dominated […]

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