Points in Focus Photography

Independance Day 2012 Fireworks

A somewhat uninspiring 4th of July compared to last years, at least in terms of having something other than fireworks in the images. That said, unlike last years location, I managed to get 2 shows (the large fireworks are form the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Club’s presentation, and the small fireworks are the City of Fort […]

Fireworks Slideshow

I hadn’t intended to do a slideshow video with the fireworks images I shot the other night. Then I remember Lightroom has a way to export slideshows as videos and so I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try. So this is the entire 15 minute show compressed into under 2 minutes worth […]

Painting with Fireworks

The fourth of July, Independence day in the USA. The one time per year I get to photograph serious firework displays with out having to travel out of my way or fight crowds. The only disadvantage, there’s never a foreground to speak up, which makes the images a lot less interesting. However, it does have […]

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