Points in Focus Photography

Recording your Lighting Setups

When trying to recreate a lighting setup for a pick up shot, or even to duplicate an image to keep a consistent look, having a diagram of the lighting setup goes a long way to making your life easier. Here are some of the tips and tools that I’ve found helpful for doing this.

Cokin Z-Pro Holder Configurations

This has been a bad year for rectangular/drop in filters. Cokin had issues earlier this year, and stopped production for a while, as a result sourcing a 4″ filter holder from either Cokin or Lee has been a challenge. Sourcing the filters hasn’t been any easier. In the mean time while trying to get filters, […]

Salvaging a Bland Sunset

Not every sunset is going to produce spectacular images, however, with a little care added in post production even a mediocre sunset can turn into something a little better.

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