Points in Focus Photography

Lightroom: Graphic Watermark Checklist

For: Lightroom 3+

  • Create your watermark image in Photoshop or another graphic editor
    • Make sure it’s big enough that it won’t need to be scaled up
    • Make sure the background is transparent
    • Simplify any color schemes
    • Make sure your text has a contrasting border
    • Save your watermark image as a 24-bit PNG (PNG-24) with transparency
  • Create a Watermark to apply to your images on export in Lightroom
    • Open the Watermark Editor (Edit -> Edit Watermarks…)
    • In the top right corner where it says Watermark Style, pick “Graphic”
    • In the Open File dialog that pops up, navigate to where you saved your watermark image from your image editor
    • Adjust the opacity, proportion, inset, and anchor point under Watermark Effects to position the watermark where you want it
    • Save your watermark by clicking the save button in the lower right corner of the Watermark Editor window
      • If there is no save button, or you’re updating an existing watermark, use the Save Current Settings as New Preset or Update Preset… options from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the Watermark Editor.
  • Close the Watermark Editor window, and begin using your watermark when you export images


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