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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens Review

The classic general purpose zoom that delivers great image quality, but at the expense of weight and focal range. This lens also uses a novel reverse zoom design combined with a large hood that provides optimal shading at all focal lengths.

5D Mark 3, More UX Impressions and the Manual

Canon Rumors beat me to it, I’ve been checking daily to see if Canon had released the manual for the 5D mark 3 and they finally have. Why do I care? Because it tells me a lot about the way the camera will behave from a UX perspective; and it gives me something to read […]

580Ex II, Intermittent Problems, Check the Hot Shoe

For some time I’ve had intermittent issues with one of my 580ex IIs, but never could put my finger on it, literally. Touching the flash would often fix the problem. On some rare occasions it just wouldn’t fire, or would fire at the wrong power, but never often enough for with enough regularity to be […]

Canon C300, PL Primes, and…another EOS VDSLR in the works…

I wasn’t going to cover this, since it’s a video system and that’s not really more forte. However, on second though after reading the press releases there is one thing that I wanted to comment on, and of course Vincent Laforet has produced an awesome demo video using the C300 that is worth linking just because.

Enter the Canon EOS 1D X

To me Canon’s EOS-1D mark 4 was a big disappointment, just about everything they did with the camera felt like they were out of touch. Today Canon has announced the successor to the EOS-1D mark 4, the EOS-1D X, and I can’t say I’m not really excited about it. Virtually every major criticism I had with the EOS-1D mark 4 has been rectified, including getting rid of the crippling oddball 1.3x crop factor.

Canon’s Pixma Pro 9000 Mk 2 First Thoughts

Let me preface this by saying I like prints. Tiny pictures on monitors, low-resolution digital picture frames, etc., don’t do much for me. When I want to look at an image, I want to look at a real print, and a big one at that. I had no intention to get into printing, not now […]

Control TL PocketWizards and Canon 580EX II Flashes

I’ve received at least one email, and now a comment about sudden flash death induced by or related to LPA design’s Control TL PocketWizards. Moreover, a recent post on Canon rumors has a link to a paper, purportedly produced by LPA Design employees summarizing their investigation into flashes failing. LPA design claims to have received […]

My Take on Canon’s Announcements for Spring 2011

Canon has rolled out 6 new product announcements for Spring 2011: 2 entry level cameras, 2 super-telephoto primes, and 2 new entry level flashes. In addition, Canon has announced they will be showing a prototype of their upcoming 200-400mm f/4L lens at the CP+ trade-show along with the other product announcements.

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