Points in Focus Photography

Moab Lasal Photo Matte

One of the reasons I started this whole fine art paper evaluation thing was to find a suitable matte paper to supplement the glossy paper I currently use. As much as I like gloss papers, they have one major drawback; specular reflections. Semi-gloss papers, go some way to eliminating that problem. Though many have their […]

Evaluating Photo Papers: Moab Colorado Fiber Gloss

Moab claims the Colorado fiber papers are designed to elicit the memories of the dark room, only without the stench of fixer—their words not mine. I missed that generation. In fact, I’ve been in a working dark room all of 2 times that I can remember, and one of those was to pull network cables […]

Evaluating Photo Papers: Canon Pro Platinum

Update, January 2019: I’ve finally finished a more complete and proper review of this paper in line with the rest of my reviews of Canon’s Pro papers. You can read it over here. I had picked up a couple of 8.5”x11” packs of Canon’s Pro Platinum paper on sale some time ago, just to have […]

Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Moab Paper Sample Pack

Before getting my Pixma Pro 9000 Mk. II, what I printed on was hardly a consideration. There wasn’t much of a point to running anything other than cheap Canon paper though my little Pixma iP4700, and larger prints were outsource to a lab; practically the choice of paper was whatever the lab used. Having a […]

Canon’s Pixma Pro 9000 Mk 2 First Thoughts

Let me preface this by saying I like prints. Tiny pictures on monitors, low-resolution digital picture frames, etc., don’t do much for me. When I want to look at an image, I want to look at a real print, and a big one at that. I had no intention to get into printing, not now […]

Printing and Resolution

There are many rules of thumb for print resolutions and the DPI you should print at, but where do they come from? We’ll take a quick look at the science behind those rules and how to calculate the real requirements for any given situation.

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