Points in Focus Photography

My Take on Canon’s Announcements for Spring 2011

Canon has rolled out 6 new product announcements for Spring 2011: 2 entry level cameras, 2 super-telephoto primes, and 2 new entry level flashes. In addition, Canon has announced they will be showing a prototype of their upcoming 200-400mm f/4L lens at the CP+ trade-show along with the other product announcements.

Canon Announces Fall Products

Photokina 2010 is coming and Canon has announced their fall product lineup, a new top-end entry-level camera in the EOS 60D, as well as 4 new L lenses, including 2 super-telephotos and a Fisheye zoom, and a pair of new teleconverters. There are some definite highs, a few interesting if puzzling decisions, and a bunch of price tags that could make even a deep pocket book a few pounds lighter.

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