Points in Focus Photography

Cameras: Set White Balance with Live View

It’s possible to set an approximate, but fairly accurate, custom white balance using live view in liue of a custom white balance target. Though doing so will be be less accurate than a properly calibrated white balance card. For most dual-dial Canon bodies, you cycle though the preset white balance modes using the rear dial, and change […]

Re: Pixsylated’s Speedlite Wishlist

Syl Arena, over at www.pixsylated.com recently put up a Canon Speedlite Wishlist. Syl gives us 17 points to chew on that he thinks would make Canon’s Speedlite system better; most of which I agree with, some I think are silly, and some I think are a bad idea in the larger scheme of things. However, […]

Lenses, Lens Hoods and Crop Bodies

Professionals and serious amateur photographers alike know that lens hoods are an important part of the lens. A properly designed lens hood shades the lens’s front element or protective filters, from stray non-image producing light. The stray light can bounce around inside the lens and reduce contrast as well as create flare (if sufficiently close […]

Autofocus Testing and AF Micro-Adjustments

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s that auto focus alignment tests are not for the faint of heart. Better yet, as I’m slowly becoming convinced, anyone. I certainly wouldn’t recommend even bothering unless you are almost certain that your lens is consistently misfocusing with significant repeatability. I spent the better part of today […]

Camera Settings for HDR and Multiple Exposures

HDR Photography and blending bracketed exposures are two ways to capture large dynamic range scenes, especially when you don’t have a graduated neutral density filter. These are some solutions I’ve found for setting up your camera for those types of images, especially in the early morning when you’re not fully awake.

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