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5D Mark 3, More UX Impressions and the Manual

Canon Rumors beat me to it, I’ve been checking daily to see if Canon had released the manual for the 5D mark 3 and they finally have. Why do I care? Because it tells me a lot about the way the camera will behave from a UX perspective; and it gives me something to read […]

Perception, Polarization, and Visualization

Visualizing an image is as fundamental to photography as the cameras, lenses, and film. Even modern technology is unable to diminish the need for your eye as it has for so many other aspects of photography. Seeing an image, however, is not a simple task. It can be aided, in some ways, the old standard […]

Modern Distance Scales: Useless Fluff or Useful Tool?

The distance scale has long been a useful tool for photographers since it provides a good deal of information about depth of field and focusing quickly and easily. Though it could be argued that autofocus has diminished the need for a distance scale it continues to grace most mid- and higher-end lenses, though in its […]

Digital Magazines

Time Inc. the owners of Sport’s Illustrated have demoed a digital interactive magazine based on a touch screen tablet PC for Tech Crunch. While I think it may be a bit premature to be fully successful the fact that more companies are looking at tablet devices and throwing ideas into the fray can only be a good thing.

Rumors Speak of a Larger Sensor in the EOS 7D. Could it be done?

A few days ago the specs were leaked for the next Canon small format camera, the EOS 7D. Since then the rumor mills have been running rampant with the news. What raised some concern for me was that the camera would carry an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor. More pixels in a tiny sensor does not […]

Re: Moose Peterson’s FX or DX for Wildlife?

Wildlife photographer Moose Peterson posted an entry on his blog regarding a question he is apparently asked with some regularity “which is better, FX or DX, for wildlife photography”. I think the most appropriate and telling comment though is his closing sentence, “Oh yeah, photo taken with FX or DX? Does it matter?” I think […]

Photography, Production of Illusions

I was reminded recently by a rather heated debate that boiled down to a lot of advocating towards specific techniques and technologies, that the how has little to no real meaning in the ultimate ends of photography. You could say in a way that either coincidentally or as a result of the discussion I had […]

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