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Canon Announces Fall Products

Photokina 2010 is coming and Canon has announced their fall product lineup, a new top-end entry-level camera in the EOS 60D, as well as 4 new L lenses, including 2 super-telephotos and a Fisheye zoom, and a pair of new teleconverters. There are some definite highs, a few interesting if puzzling decisions, and a bunch of price tags that could make even a deep pocket book a few pounds lighter.

Canon Developes 120 Megapixel APS-H Sensor

Canon announced today that they’ve developed a 120MP (that’s a 13,280 x 9,184 pixel image) APS-H format sensor that has a laundry list of features. The sensor can be completely read out in about 10ms, resulting in a 9.5 FPS frame rate, it can do full HD video from the whole sensor (I assume) or […]

Canon’s Safety Shift

Safety shift has existed in some form as far back as the original EOS 1D. Its options have changed slightly over the years and though varying cameras but the intent is the same. The function, unfortunately, is somewhat cryptically labeled, potentially leading many to skip over enabling what can be a rather useful function. Safety […]

An Atta-boy to Canon USA’s Service Center

2010 started out bad for me and camera gear. A broken 100-400 and a bad 24-70 made for an ominous sign. However, when my 1D started showing auto focus problems, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed at which Canon USA got it fixed and returned to me.

Canon Announces the EOS-1D Mark 4

Canon has introduced their latest professional body targeted at photojournalists and sports photographers. The EOS 1D Mark 4, brings image quality improvements, video and new higher ISO support (upto ISO102400) to Canon’s line of digital SLRs.

Some Thoughts on Canon’s New EOS 7D

On September 1st Canon announced their next crop-sensor SLR the EOS 7D. While we don’t have one in our hands, yet. We’ve taken a look at brief look at the reported specs for the 7D as well as many of the changes Canon has made to the cameras UI, taking it at step ahead of anything they’ve released to day.

Rumors Speak of a Larger Sensor in the EOS 7D. Could it be done?

A few days ago the specs were leaked for the next Canon small format camera, the EOS 7D. Since then the rumor mills have been running rampant with the news. What raised some concern for me was that the camera would carry an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor. More pixels in a tiny sensor does not […]

Canon EOS 1D Next, Rumors and a Rant

I hate reading the rumors and rumor sites, they’re like a train wreck, horrible but so very hard to to look away from. The rumor mill seems pretty consistent on the perspective that the next EOS 1D will be an APS-H camera, and why not Canon’s own Chuck Westfall mentioned that Canon is committed to […]

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