Points in Focus Photography

580Ex II, Intermittent Problems, Check the Hot Shoe

For some time I’ve had intermittent issues with one of my 580ex IIs, but never could put my finger on it, literally. Touching the flash would often fix the problem. On some rare occasions it just wouldn’t fire, or would fire at the wrong power, but never often enough for with enough regularity to be […]

Control TL PocketWizards and Canon 580EX II Flashes

I’ve received at least one email, and now a comment about sudden flash death induced by or related to LPA design’s Control TL PocketWizards. Moreover, a recent post on Canon rumors has a link to a paper, purportedly produced by LPA Design employees summarizing their investigation into flashes failing. LPA design claims to have received […]

Re: Pixsylated’s Speedlite Wishlist

Syl Arena, over at www.pixsylated.com recently put up a Canon Speedlite Wishlist. Syl gives us 17 points to chew on that he thinks would make Canon’s Speedlite system better; most of which I agree with, some I think are silly, and some I think are a bad idea in the larger scheme of things. However, […]

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