Points in Focus Photography

Sony gets creative with full frame sensors

Since Sony’s acquisition of Minolta, they’ve been throwing cameras at the market to see what sticks. This year in a lot of ways is no real exception. It’s safe to say that off all the camera companies, Sony is clearly the most willing to be adventurous with their products. A full frame fixed lens compact, […]

Compact, Mirrorless, Nikon, What?

So Nikon has announced their entry into the compact interchangeable lens camera market, I posted about it yesterday. Apparently the, “what the hell is this shit” reaction has been strong enough that DPReview felt they needed to come to Nikon’s defense on sensor size. Having slept on it, the more I have to wonder what […]

Olympus E-P1: Evolution, Revolution or Just Another Camera

It’s been the dream of serious digital photographers for a long time now, a small digital system with interchangeable lenses, near SLR image quality and a pocketable design. The first real attempt at a “pro P&S” could be the Sigma DP1. Its large SLR sized (1.7x crop) sensor produced amazing images behind the fixed 16.6mm […]

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