Points in Focus Photography

Bad weather; Good Photography?

There’s something to be said about being a fair weather photographer, like staying dry. However, bad weather is often a great time to shoot images that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Here are some of my thoughts and tips on dealing with some common but less than ideal weather.

Night Sky Lightning

Good lightning photography is one of the few areas of photography I really admire. The combination of sheer luck, power of nature and inherent danger of being outside in the path of an approaching thunderstorm certainly doesn’t hurt the aesthetics of a well composed lightning bold either.

Photographing Flowers: Introduction

I don’t pretend to be an expert in flower photography but I’ve made a few flower images that I like and I’m going to try and figure out how to make more. This is the first article in a series following my attempt to figure out what does and doesn’t work in flower photography and how I went about making the images. This time we look at a general overview of some conventional wisdom for flower photography as well as some of the basics needed.

Camera Settings for HDR and Multiple Exposures

HDR Photography and blending bracketed exposures are two ways to capture large dynamic range scenes, especially when you don’t have a graduated neutral density filter. These are some solutions I’ve found for setting up your camera for those types of images, especially in the early morning when you’re not fully awake.

Continuous Shooting is Not Just for Action

Continuous release mode is often thought only to be useful when shooting dynamic subjects that are in motion. The burst of frames in rapid succession gives the photographer a better opportunity to catch the exact moment they are trying for. But there is another, often forgotten or maybe unthought-of, use. Often the sharpest images, in […]

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