Points in Focus Photography


A spectacular sunrise at the Dania Beach Fishing pier.

Behind Blowing Rocks HDR

I don’t shoot a lot of HDR images, nor am I a big fan of them. However, when they are done well they can add that extra dimension to an otherwise uncaptureable photograph. Here I take a look at what I did to get that in my Blowing Rocks HDR.

Night Sky Lightning

Good lightning photography is one of the few areas of photography I really admire. The combination of sheer luck, power of nature and inherent danger of being outside in the path of an approaching thunderstorm certainly doesn’t hurt the aesthetics of a well composed lightning bold either.

The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar, Hutchinson Island

I was going though my reading list in Google reader and realized that Moose Peterson, is probably the most prolific poster of imagery of all the people I follow, not to mention he’s posting something like 2 or 3 times a day. Of course if you ask me, he’s lucky living somewhere with more accessible […]

Sunset on Sanibel Island

I just got back from a brief overnight sojourn to the west coast of Florida, specifically Sanibel Island. I had gone over mostly to stop at and check out the Audubon Society’s Corkscrew Swam Sanctuary, but it’s hard to pass up a sunset over there. This one shot (above) poses a bit of a dilemma […]

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