Points in Focus Photography

Alaskan Whale

Hoonah, Ak A Humpback Whale’s dorsal fin shows as it dives in Port Fredrick inlet.

White Pass Conifer

White Pass Summit, British Colombia Winter winds squeeze through the narrowing gaps of mountain passes and speed up. Combined with snow, they make for a hard life for trees. This wind-swept conifer was growing out of the rocks at the top of White Pass Summit on the border of Alaska and Canada’s province of British […]

Feeding Whale

Hoonah, Ak The feeding lunge of a humpback whale, Port Frederick Inlet, Hoonah, Alaska.

Johns Hopkins Inlet

John’s Hopkins Glacier and Inlet, Glacier National Park, Alaska. Pano, 93MP.

Alaskan Falls

Waterfalls litter the walls of the Alaskan fjords.

Whale Watching off the Icy Straits

Back in May I went on a cruise in Alaska. While this trip wasn’t purely for photography, I wasn’t about to leave my camera at home. This is the 6th installment of this series covering a number of photographic opportunities and how I felt they could be best exploited. The previous parts include shooting from […]

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