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Canon Speedlite 580Ex II Flash

The 580Ex II was Canon’s venerable Speedlite for the late 2000s. Not as sophisticated as it’s replacement (the 600Ex-RT), it is a workhorse flash with coverage from 14-105 mm. Even with newer flashes on the market, mine still find a home in my kit.

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash

Canon’s first Speedlite to use their RF triggering system and have a 200mm zoom. Additionally provided improved recycling times over the 580Ex II, as well as having a number of new features for controlling the light and color.

Smith Victor Adapta-Lights

Smith Victor has a long history in the photographic lighting industry, their Adapta-Lights are simple reflectors designed for incandescent photo floods. Inexpensive and reasonably good preforming.

Flash Accessories

PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller

PocketWizard’s solution to controlling remote flash powers from the camera when using their TTL system. Provides ±3 stops in 1/3rd stop increments (or 6 stops in manual) mode of control.

PocketWizards’ Mini-TT1 and Flex-TT5

Points in Focus takes a look at what’s arguably the most powerful TTL radio flash control system, LPA Design’s MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 PocketWizards with Control TL.

Light Modifiers

Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe Softbox

The Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe brings the control of a softbox to shooters on the go in a package that’s much simpler to work with than a normal softbox…

Light Stands & Grip Equipment

Manfrotto 026 Umbrella Adapter

A simple umbrella adapter from Manfrotto. Rugged all metal construction that stands up to abuse, unlike many of the cheaper plastic alternatives.

Manfrotto 1052BAC Compact Light Stand

What would be an otherwise unremarkable air-cushioned mid-height light stand, is make interesting by the unique stacking function that allows collapsed stands to be connected together for storage and transportation.

Manfrotto 5001B Nano Light Stand

Manfrotto’s lightest “full size” light stand, the Nano is small and light weight, but it’s all you need to fly a speedlight and an umbrella. Great for the photographer that’s always on the run.

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