Misc. Cameras

Canon EOS-1D Mark 3

This was the next to last camera Canon would make with an APS-H sensor, and one of the last that didn’t also record video. Otherwise it carried class leading performance at the time e.g. 10 FPS, live view, and 45-point AF system.

Canon EOS 5D mark III

Canon’s 5D line has a storied history, and the 5D mark III doesn’t fail to live up to it. Featuring the same AF system as the 1D X, a highly weather resistant build, and a sensor designed to shoot top quality 1080p video.

Canon EOS 40D Retrospective

For me, the 40D is most notable for cementing the UI design that persists in Canon’s high end DSLRs. That said, performance wasn’t bad and it was a very solid camera for the time.

Canon EOS 400D

My first DSLR, and the camera that got me into photography seriously. The Rebel XTi preformed reasonably at the time with a decent enough 10 MP sensor.

Canon EOS M – First Impressions

Canon’s first foray into mirrorless cameras the EOS M is a bit of a mixed bag. It delivers DSLR image quality with PowerShot style handling (not a good thing). Poor AF performance is probably it’s biggest failing.

Canon EOS M3

The EOS M3 is Canon’s 3rd iteration of their mirrorless camera line. It makes significant strides in performance and usability compared to it predecessors and all told it’s a compact camera that’s comfortable in the hands of this serious photographer.

Canon PowerShot G10

PowerShots are Canon’s line of compact cameras, the G10 being one of the “prosumer” level offering features and ergonomics that would make a good compact camera for a pro photographer.

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