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Adding a Graphic Watermark in Lightroom 4

Lightroom 4 has two kinds of watermarks, graphical and text. While text watermarks can do the job, they are simplistic and lack the polish and control a graphical watermark offers—even if the graphic is only text. Creation of a graphic watermark and a preset to easily use it, is simple enough, though there are a […]

Adventures in Color Calibration

I just finished up helping a fellow photographer and friend setup and calibrate his new Dell 2407WFP LCD display and yet again I am reminded how much I really hate dealing with color and color profiling. What settings should you use to calibrate your display? In Michael Reichmann’s From Camera to Print, Jeff Schewe comments […]

Building a Hyperbolic Resolution Wedge in Illustrator

In another article I described and made available my camera acclimation target. In the process of building that I ended up having to sit down and build from scratch what I’ve frequently seen described as a hyperbolic resolution test wedge. If you’ve ever used an ISO 12233 resolution chart, or looked at the resolution charts […]

Compositing Firework Photos

Like almost anything, there are dozens of ways to go about getting the “perfect” fireworks photograph. For example, some photographers will shoot in bulb and use a black card to cover the lens until the burst they want to capture. I’ve tried, and quite honestly without a lot of familiarity with the presentation I don’t […]

DisplayCAL and Argyll CMS Quick Start Guide

Virtually every piece of commercially available color calibration hardware comes with software to go with it. The question then is why would you want to replace that software with something else? The biggest reason, in my opinion at least, is quality. That’s not to say that the built in software is designed to be low […]

Editing with the Lightroom Import Dialog

If there’s one thing that digital photography has changed, for better or worse, it’s our ability to shoot and to manage much larger numbers of images. Fortunately, the photographic software industry has responded to that need and turned out programs like Lightroom and Aperture that act half as a Digital Image management programs and half […]

First Thoughts on Lossy DNG

Whoever said storage is cheap, never had to buy and manage that storage. I’ve been meaning to write in some depth about the challenges of storing digital photos for quite some time, unfortunately, this article isn’t it. However, with rising camera resolutions, and the respective increase in image file sizes, finding room to store, backup […]