A Near-Zero Budget Video Studio: An Overview of Lighting Technologies

Video doesn’t really change the conceptual nature of lighting. What it does change, is the type of lighting you need to use. Flashes are out; continuously lighting is in, and with that comes a number of considerations that may not seem obvious at first glance. For starters, video demands light, lots of light. So much […]

Recording your Lighting Setups

When trying to recreate a lighting setup for a pick up shot, or even to duplicate an image to keep a consistent look, having a diagram of the lighting setup goes a long way to making your life easier. Here are some of the tips and tools that I’ve found helpful for doing this.

Lets Talk Budget Video Lighting

I originally wanted to call this zero-budget lighting, but then I realized it’s silly to work on that premise. There is one useful zero-budget light source, the sun, for everything else you need to spend some money or scrounge something that cost someone else money. That’s not to say you can’t go some way on […]

Background Brightness: Not black or white, but dark or light.

When it comes to background papers, it’s not whether it’s black or white that matters but how you light it relative to the subject. A black paper can be painted white, and a white paper can be shadowed into blackness with only light.

Speedlights: Flash Extenders

Flash extenders are useful tools when you need to increase your flash’s reach, such as in wildlife or bird photography when using a super telephoto lens. However, they can be used in many other situations to limit and direct light from a flash. Flash extenders are normally used when the subject is at long distances, […]

Hacking Canon’s Wireless Flash System

This is a technique to use multiple Canon E-TTL wireless flashes off camera with out having a master on camera using either a sync cord or a pair of cheap RF triggers.

Popcorn Poster: Shooting the Image

In this article, I’ll walk though how I took the concept sketch and turned it into a properly lit photography.