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On Camera Bounce Flash Tip: Rotate the Flash Head

Next time you’re shooting fill flash with on-camera bounce flash, try this. Rotate the flash head 90° so that the normal up-down bend is pointed in the direction you turn your camera when you shoot a vertical. If you rotate the camera so that the grip is at the top, turn the flash head towards the grip. If you do it the other way, with the grip pointing down, turn the flash head away from the grip. This way you can quickly rotate the flash to keep it pointing up.

It doesn’t make a difference to the light bouncing off the ceiling and it’s one less angle you have to rotate your flash though so it’s quicker.

Like This
Like this, if you rotate the grip towards the top for a vertical shot.
Or this
Or this, if you rotate the grip towards the bottom for a vertical shot.
Not Like This
Not Like This



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