Building a Hyperbolic Resolution Wedge in Illustrator

In another article I described and made available my camera acclimation target. In the process of building that I ended up having to sit down and build from scratch what I’ve frequently seen described as a hyperbolic resolution test wedge. If you’ve ever used an ISO 12233 resolution chart, or looked at the resolution charts […]

DiY Clap Sticks

To quote Vincent Laforet, “50% of any great film is in the sound design, and the first step to great sound design is capturing great audio while on set.” How you get that audio is the big question. Clap sticks, with or without the addition of a slate, is one way of easily synchronizing sound […]

Basics of Building DIY with PVC

Learn some of the basics for working with PVC pipe to make your own light shaping tools like scrims and soft-boxes.

DIY Scrim

Design and build yourself a scrim. Why a scrim? Put simply, it’s a highly versatile light modifier that costs pennies to make.

DIY Autofocus Calibration Target

As much as I swore off AF testing and calibrating, I’m back at it again. This time I’ve decided to forgo the sheet paper targets and build a target similar to the Lens Align. Now obviously, if you don’t want to spend the time building a target, a Lens Align is, to my knowledge, the […]