Points in Focus Photography

Dealing With Dust: Cleaning Your Gear

We’ve all had to deal with it, dust spots in images. The more stopped down the lens is and uniform the scene is in texture the more of a problem it is. The way I see it, dealing with dust is a three-part process. Cleaning the camera and sensor, minimizing the dust that can get […]

Canon’s Safety Shift

Safety shift has existed in some form as far back as the original EOS 1D. Its options have changed slightly over the years and though varying cameras but the intent is the same. The function, unfortunately, is somewhat cryptically labeled, potentially leading many to skip over enabling what can be a rather useful function. Safety […]

Auto Focus Micro Adjustments Using Live View

The traditional process of AF adjustment is complicated and requires skill and guesswork in interpreting the results. However, there is an alternative method that works just as well and requires a whole lot less guess work, so long as your camera has live view.

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