Testing and Acclimating to a new Camera

A new camera is always exciting to get your hands on, at least it is for me. While I will definitely run out side and start shooting some random stuff — because, well, new shiny — before I put the camera into any kind of serious use, I run though an acclimation and calibration process […]

A Brief History of Focusing

Explore the history and evolution of focusing form view cameras, to range finders, to SLRs, and back in principal to the beginnings with mirrorless cameras.

Reflex Lenses and Doughnut Bokeh

Reflex lenses, or more properly catadioptric lenses, have long posed photographers with the possibility of a long telephoto lens at a fraction of the cost of the standard refractive lenses. A 500mm f/8 reflex lens for $200 or less compared to the $10,000 for a 500mm f/4 refractive lens. They’re simpler, manual focus, no iris, […]

Canon 5D Mark 3 Video; Depth of Field and Diffraction

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that one of the more attractive features that make the full frame VDSLRs attractive is that the large sensor can render shallow depth of field. When compared to a Super 35 frame, you’re looking at almost a stop narrower depth of field for the same aperture. For […]

A Long Short Guide to Buying a Used Lens

Ensure you’re not getting ripped off on a new used lens purchase by insuring your inspection is thorough and covers the most important areas.

Canon EOS AF Adjust Frame Capture Script

Capturing autofocus adjustment images is a tedious process. This AutoHotKey script for Canon EOS Utility users can automate that process.