Points in Focus Photography

Printing and Resolution

There are many rules of thumb for print resolutions and the DPI you should print at, but where do they come from? We’ll take a quick look at the science behind those rules and how to calculate the real requirements for any given situation.

Photography Confidential: Focal Length and Field of View

I’m just going to throw this out there; in photographic conversations, focal length doesn’t mean what most think it does. Moreover, it almost never means what the optical engineers means when they say focal length. I’d even go as far as the say the real meaning of focal length is one of the dirty secrets […]

Modern Distance Scales: Useless Fluff or Useful Tool?

The distance scale has long been a useful tool for photographers since it provides a good deal of information about depth of field and focusing quickly and easily. Though it could be argued that autofocus has diminished the need for a distance scale it continues to grace most mid- and higher-end lenses, though in its […]

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