Points in Focus Photography

Canon Autofocus Hunting Lens Drive Test Part 2

Well, here we go again, revisiting my previous posts AF drive speed tests with a different camera, this time an EOS 40D. Like the last time, timing was approximated by filming the drive sequence at NTSC 60 FPS and counting the frames from the first frame before motion occurred until the first frame after the […]

Nikon Patents the Future of Autofocus?

An post on Nikon Rumors lead me to a couple of interesting patents Nikon has received. One in particular that has the potential to bring SLR level autofocus performance to point and shoot cameras or pave the way for a mirror-less SLR.

Autofocus Testing and AF Micro-Adjustments

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s that auto focus alignment tests are not for the faint of heart. Better yet, as I’m slowly becoming convinced, anyone. I certainly wouldn’t recommend even bothering unless you are almost certain that your lens is consistently misfocusing with significant repeatability. I spent the better part of today […]

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