Points in Focus Photography

Canon 6D & Nikon D600, Entry Level Full Frame

Sony tried the sub $2000 entry level camera routine some years ago in an attempt to garner some market share; it didn’t work then. Some would suggest it was premature, I would suggest the problem was that it was a Sony, and as camera companies go, Sony didn’t, and still doesn’t really have what matters, […]

Compact, Mirrorless, Nikon, What?

So Nikon has announced their entry into the compact interchangeable lens camera market, I posted about it yesterday. Apparently the, “what the hell is this shit” reaction has been strong enough that DPReview felt they needed to come to Nikon’s defense on sensor size. Having slept on it, the more I have to wonder what […]

Nikon Announces the D3s

Nikon has announced their newest professional SLR body targeted at photojournalists and sports photographers. With improoved image quality, even higher ISO support (up to ISO102400) and the addition of video recording the Nikon D3s looks to redefine Nikon’s line of digital SLRs.

Nikon Patents the Future of Autofocus?

An post on Nikon Rumors lead me to a couple of interesting patents Nikon has received. One in particular that has the potential to bring SLR level autofocus performance to point and shoot cameras or pave the way for a mirror-less SLR.

Cameras: Set White Balance with Live View

It’s possible to set an approximate, but fairly accurate, custom white balance using live view in liue of a custom white balance target. Though doing so will be be less accurate than a properly calibrated white balance card. For most dual-dial Canon bodies, you cycle though the preset white balance modes using the rear dial, and change […]

Autofocus Testing and AF Micro-Adjustments

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s that auto focus alignment tests are not for the faint of heart. Better yet, as I’m slowly becoming convinced, anyone. I certainly wouldn’t recommend even bothering unless you are almost certain that your lens is consistently misfocusing with significant repeatability. I spent the better part of today […]

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