Points in Focus Photography

Misc. Lights

Canon Speedlite 580Ex II Flash

The 580Ex II was Canon’s venerable Speedlite for the late 2000s. Not as sophisticated as it’s replacement (the 600Ex-RT), it is a workhorse flash with coverage from 14-105 mm. Even with newer flashes on the market, mine still find a home in my kit.

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash

Canon’s first Speedlite to use their RF triggering system and have a 200mm zoom. Additionally provided improved recycling times over the 580Ex II, as well as having a number of new features for controlling the light and color.

Smith Victor Adapta-Lights

Smith Victor has a long history in the photographic lighting industry, their Adapta-Lights are simple reflectors designed for incandescent photo floods. Inexpensive and reasonably good preforming.

Viltrox L116T LED Panel

The Viltrox L116T is an inexpensive lower-end, bi-color, dual-power, LED panel, that’s reasonably bright but has significant limitations when it comes to performance and color rendition.

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