Points in Focus Photography

Update: Loxahatchee, Green Cay, Long Key Nature Center

This isn’t turning out to be all that great of a bird season. I hit three sites today, Loxahatchee National Widlife Refuge and Green Cay Wetlands in Palm Beach county and Long Key Nature Center in broward county. Boots were on the ground, both literaly and figuratively, at Loxahatchee just after 0700. And there wasn’t […]

Wakodahatchee Field Guide

Palm Beach’s Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a 50 acre artificial wetland that was created by the Palm Beach Water Utilities department on unused utility land to provide a wetland habitat for wildlife and migrating birds as well as a natural way to return purified water to the aquifers. It’s name is derived from the the Seminole […]

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