Points in Focus Photography

Mesa Verde: Southwest Adventure 2016

Mesa Verde National Park is probably not the first place anyone thinks of when they think of interesting National Parks. Honestly, I can’t say it’s the first place I think of either. But it is interesting in its own way, and it’s especially interesting if you’re interested in anthropology and how early people dealt with […]

The Grand Canyon: Southwest Adventure 2016

As if it was a lighthouse in the dark of night, the brilliant golden glow of the setting sun reflects off the unseen windows of the main dining hall on the North Rim. The building is unseen, buried in 100 foot high firs and pines that line the North Rim some 14 miles away. It’s […]

Wakodahatchee Field Guide

Palm Beach’s Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a 50 acre artificial wetland that was created by the Palm Beach Water Utilities department on unused utility land to provide a wetland habitat for wildlife and migrating birds as well as a natural way to return purified water to the aquifers. It’s name is derived from the the Seminole […]

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