Points in Focus Photography

Green Herons, End of the Line

Sometimes the reality that nature isn’t inherently nice, hits you in the face and you realize how much harder the rest of the life on this planet has it. A little more that 5 weeks ago I started following a nesting pair of Green Herons, this post in all likely hood concludes that story on […]

Green Heron Chicks

This is the 3rd update in a series of photo journals looking at the development of a Green heron nest and the rearing of the young. The pair ultimately laid 3 eggs, as seen last time. Incubation time was on the order of 22-23 days. The chicks hatched within the 48 hours preceding Friday April […]

Super Duck and an Anhinga

This has turned into something less of an ideal weak for me to get out material. I’m currently working on a series that takes a look at watermarking or otherwise protecting your digital images and how effective it is. Along with some thoughts into the usability problems each of the methods creates. In the mean […]

Checking on the Green Heron: Three Eggs

Today’s weather was miserable, rain on top of rain. If it could rain elephants and whales that’s what it was doing. When the weather broke for a bit though I ran up to check on the Green Heron nest. Not only did it seem to survive the weather the nest now has the 3 eggs […]

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