Points in Focus Photography

Sanibel Sunset Timelapse

Christmas saw the acquisition of a Canon TC-80N3 timer remote, it’s capable of being programmed to produce long exposure and time lapse captures with intervals as short as 1 second. This was my first time running a time lapse and I think I learned a few things from it, but I’ll save that story for […]

Florida West Coast Birds

The trip wasn’t only shooting pelicans, and while the population of shorebirds I’ve been shooting on the past couple of trips wasn’t there, there were birds. One of the few peeps (small sandpipers) I saw, I think all told I only saw a handful on the beach all day.

Sanibel Pelicans

One of the nice things I find about the Sanibel beaches is that you almost always have large easy to track targets moving along the beach continuously. Those targets, are Brown Pelicans, and I find them to be quite nice in many ways. They are fairly predictable in their flight patterns, and are very clear […]

Sunset on Sanibel Island

I just got back from a brief overnight sojourn to the west coast of Florida, specifically Sanibel Island. I had gone over mostly to stop at and check out the Audubon Society’s Corkscrew Swam Sanctuary, but it’s hard to pass up a sunset over there. This one shot (above) poses a bit of a dilemma […]

Back from Sanibel

My Sanibel island trip was rather less than stellar due to fog, but produced some nice shorebird images. Ding Darling NWR wasn’t all that active, unless you count the people, though a Bald Eagle made an appearance.

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