Points in Focus Photography

Purple Gallinule Foraging

After missing most of the best part of the birding season, I’m racing to catch up. Mid-day isn’t exactly the best time for photography, but sometimes the conditions cooperate and you can make some decent images. In this case, it was a Purple Gallinule foraging in Spatterdock.

Florida’s Crested Caracaras

A few frames of a Crested Caracaras seen at Viera Wetlands, in Melbourne Florida, in early December 2009. The Crested Caracara, a member of the falcon family, exists in central Florida isolated from the rest of the Caracara range. These birds of prey are currently a threatened species, primarily due to loss of habitat.

Sanibel Birds

Another early December trip to Sanibel Florida is though and here are a few choice shots. I was fortunate to have found a small flock of Ruddy Turnstones feeding on a dead crab washed up in the surf. However, the big show was a Snowy Egret that was absolutely fearless and ready to approach well within my 6-foot minimum focus distance.

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