Points in Focus Photography

Glacier Bay

Back in May I went on a cruise in Alaska. While this trip wasn’t purely for photography, I wasn’t about to leave my camera at home. This is the 6th installment of this series covering a number of photographic opportunities and how I felt they could be best exploited. The previous parts include shooting from […]

Waterfalls, Lynn Canal, Alaska

Back in May, I went on a cruise in Alaska, this is the 4th part of my ongoing series discussing the photographic opportunities I found. In previous editions, I covered the experience of a float plane excursion to Big Goat lake, hiking on Mendenhall Glacier, hiking the Mount Roberts trails, and riding the White Pass […]

White Pass and Yukon Route, Skagway, Alaska

In May I made my first trip to Alaska, though not purely for photography. This is the 3rd of my on going series of posts detailing the photographic opportunities that I saw in the sites that I visited. I’ve already covered the first three experiences: a float plane trip to a remote mountain like in […]

Mount Roberts Trails, Juneau Alaska

Back in May I went on an inside passage cruise to Alaska, I’ve already written about the first two major excursions I did Misty Fjords National Monument and Mendenhall Glacier. In this post, I’m still writing about what I did in Juneau because well, frankly the last post had gotten to be more than long […]

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska

Back in May I went on a 9 day cruise to Alaska up the inside passage. Though the cruise was just a regular cruise, I had my camera and that’s good enough for me. Previously, I wrote about my experiences with photography on a floatplane excursion, this time I’m going to talk about a glacier […]

Big Goat Lake, Misty Fjords National Monument, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Back in May, I went on an Alaska cruise. Admittedly it wasn’t a photography oriented cruise, but it was Alaska, and I had my camera which was good enough for me. Our first port of call was Ketchikan, Alaska, and from there was a short floatplane excursion over to Misty Fjords National Monument in the […]

Big Goat Lake Shore

Conifers, granite, and water, make up one of the shores of Big Goat Lake in Majestic Fjords National Monument, Alaska.

Big Goat Lake

Big Goat Lake (elevation ~1800ft, depth ~800ft) part of the Misty Fjords National Monument in the Tongass National Forrest, Alaska.

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