Points in Focus Photography

Misc. Filters, Holders, and Lens Accessories

Breakthough Photography X4 Circular Polarizer

Breakthrough Photography’s highest end entry in to the circular polarizer market, it delivers on the promised neutral color and minimal darkening, and does with a design that’s easy to feel and use even with gloves on.

Cokin Z-Pro Filter Holder

Cokin’s Z-Pro holder for 4″ rectangular filters. Holds filters, but the mounting system is flawed and it’s not really suitable for 10-stop ND filters. Newer designs (e.g. Lee, HiTech, or Breakthrough Photography) work better.

Hitech/Formatt Pro Stop 10 Stop ND Filter

Original version of HiTech’s 10-stop neutral density filter to extend an exposure significantly. My testing showed a strong, often uncorrectable, color cast that rendered this useless for anything but black and white photography.

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