Points in Focus Photography

Using the EOS R5 with the Zoom F6

Revisiting working around the Zoom F6’s line out noise without using an attenuator cable with the EOS R5, and some additional info on the R5’s PCM audio format.

Codecs and Bitrates: Comparing MJPEG to H.264 Round 1

Both the 5D mark IV and 1DX Mark II use Motion JPEG (MJEPG) compression for their 4K video streams. The conventional wisdom, all be it paraphrased, has been that this super high bitrate was chosen since it was necessary to make the less efficient MJPEG codec produce a usable quality file. At first blush, this […]

Performance Aspects of Exporting Video with Premiere Pro CS6

The question has come up a couple of times in my article on enabling CUDA support in Premiere Pro regarding why exports still take so long even with the GPU enabled. The reality is that while Premiere Pro does use the GPU for rendering exports, the process is slightly different and the results can be dominated […]

Processing Multi-Camera Video with Plural Eyes and Premier Pro CS6

For some work, such as interviews, it’s simply not possible or practical to shoot multiple takes to get multiple camera angles. For these situations, it’s necessary to shoot all the desired camera angles simultaneously with multiple cameras, and then sync the resulting files in post to produce the final edit. However, for VDSLR shooters, using […]

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