In-depth Guides

  • Cameras & Lenses

    The better you understand how your camera's and lenses work, the more effectively you can use them.

  • Composition & Design

    The strength of an image flows largely from the strength of it's composition, it's composition that tells the story without words. Design, thinking though the placement of elements in the final image, is a major part of building a strong composition.

  • Digital Darkroom

    Gone is the traditional darkroom, film, and chemicals; in it's place is software and computers.

  • DIY

    Purpose built photo-gear is expensive, but with a little time and ingenuity you can build functionally equivalent solutions in your home or studio.

  • Light & Lighting

    Photography is about light. Learn how to bend it to your will.

  • Techniques

    There's always a better way to do things, when I find them I'll share them here.

  • Video

    If it has to do with video and I've covered it, it'll be here. Pre production, post production, shooting, sets, lighting, software, it doesn't matter.

  • Wildlife Behavior & Locations

    The study of behavior, and to some degree biology, are necessary aids for wildlife photography.