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Rolling Shutter Safe Pan Speed Calculator Beta

Note: This is still beta level software, and is still under active development and testing. I’m releasing it as is now in order to get feedback on the accuracy of the calculations as well as the interface. With the exception of Nikon’s Z9, new cameras are unlikely to be added without community support — which I’ll get to once this comes out of beta.

How to Use

If you’re a Canon EOS R5 or R5C shooter you can select your camera, crop mode, and resolution from the preset list. If you use another make or model of camera, then you can enter the sensor size, rolling shutter time, and focal length directly into the labeled text boxes.

This tool will then calculate the fastest pan speed in degrees per second that will result in a rolling shutter distortion to vertical lines of 1°. In other words, a vertical line such as a building will slant over 1° from being vertical.

Future Work

This is still beta software, and I’m anticipating continuing development going forward. As things currently stand, the next anticipated update will be the inclusion of Nikon’s Z9 in the camera preset list.

Following that I’m also considering adding more limiting criteria beyond the 1° angle limit. However, I don’t currently have a clear picture of what is necessary or desirable for these limits. Suggestions are welcome in the comments.

Where is the data coming from?

I’ve designed, built, and written software for profiling rolling shutter performance using the flickering light approach. Ultimately, my intention is to release this software under an open source license so that others can use it to test their own equipment.


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