Mired/Filter Calculator

Using the Calculator

To Calculate a Correction Filter

  1. Enter the film’s or target light source’s color temperature in Color Temp 2 (target).
  2. Enter the color temperature for the lighting in filed labeled Color Temp 1 (source).
  3. Read the Mired value and choose a filter from the following table.
Cooling Filters Warming Filters
80A -131 85B 131
80B -112 85 112
80C -81 85C 81
80D -56 81EF 53
82C -45 81D 42
82B -32 81C 35
82A -10 81B 27
81A 18
81 9

To Calculate the Mired Shift between two Lights

  1. Enter the color temp of the first light in Color Temp 1 (source).
  2. Enter the color temp of the second light in Color Temp 2 (target).
  3. Read the mired value:
  • A Positive mired value indicates the color shifted towards blue.
  • A negative mired value indicates the color shifted towards amber/orange.

To Calculate the Color Temp change from a Filter

  1. Enter the color temp in Color Temp 1 (source).
  2. Enter the Mired value for the filter in Mireds.
  3. Read the color temp that the filter will convert the light too from Color Temp 2 (target).

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